Creating a new document

There two ways to create new documents:

From scratch

Right-clicking a document in the Explore tree (left side of the manager screen) pops up a context menu from which different actions on the selected document can be started. When you choose 'New' the document type dialog is opened from which you can choose the type of the new document. The Editor (right side of the manager screen) opens with a blank document. After clicking the Save button, the new document is saved at the location the cursor was when you right-clicked the mouse. Before the document can be saved though, all the empty fields must be completed (or deleted when not needed).

As a copy

There are two ways to create a new document as a copy. One way is to open an existing document for editing. Change name and other content as relevant and then choose 'Save as Copy'. If you fail to do so, but choose 'Save' instead, you have unintentionally changed your original document and not created a new document.

The other way to create a new document as a copy is as follows. In the Explore tree, right-click the document to be copied and next choose Copy. Subsequently position the cursor on the folder for the new document to be placed. After right-clicking choose Paste. A new copy document will be placed into the folder with the name of the original document followed by '(Copy)'.