Design issues of the assessment site will be discussed. Subjects are:

Knowledge of these subjects is necessary in order to personalize your asssessment site.

The top and left side of the assessment screen are reserved for static lay-out. Here text, images and/or colors can be displayed to personalize the assessment site, e.g. by displaying the logo of the organization and company colors. This part of the screen will be fixed. All content of the Bellshape assessment site will be found in the right bottom part of the screen. See the picture. Of course the fixed part can be omitted (or left empty).


The yellow part is the fixed area of the screen. This is the part of the screen where a company logo might be located. It is defined in the Template, an XSLT document. This document is not for the faint-hearted and some knowledge of html, XML and XSLT is necessary when changes have to be made. A good start to obtain knowledge about these subjects is If the template has to be adapted and knowledge is insufficient, Bellshape can always help you.

To help you find the cause of layout problems see Troubleshooting.