Example assessment project

In order to get a feeling for the dynamics of the Bellshape Assessment System an example system will be presented. The result can be tried at http://demo.bellshape.com/manager.

As explained in Architecture an assessment site can be viewed as a network of (XML-)documents, i.e. documents that link to other documents.

When building this demo site some important topics will be discussed:

The easiest way to start a new assessment project is of course copying an old one. But as we start from scratch, we do not have that opportunity. The advantage of copying is that all relevant links of connected documents will be correct from the start and can be changed as needed. The disadvantage is, that all names of the documents in the new project have to be changed in order to distuinguish them from the original documents. This requires a disciplined approach from the developer.

Example: LVSQ

For this example assessment system the LVSQ questionnaire will be used. The LVSQ consists of two short and similar questionnaires that will be implemented with different questionnaire styles. Furthermore test scores will be computed and displayed in a report. Finally, an interpretive report will be produced to demonstrate the extensive possibilities of the Bellshape assessment system as a rich and complete assessment tool.