The LVSQ is a short example of a real life questionnaire. It was developed as a comment on some well-known and widely used questionaires.


The questionnaires measures cheerfulness as a trait and as a state. Because of the narrowness of the concept cheerfulness the psychometric properties of the two parts of the LVSQ are excellent, coeffecient alphas for both trait and state are above .90. (Data from more than 100 Dutch freshmen). Whatever the LVSQ measures, it measures it reliably.

The trait version of the questionnaire measures whether a person in general is good-humoured, happy, in high spirits, etc. The state version measures the same quality, but right now, at the moment. Thus how cheerful the person is at this very moment.

LVSQ as an Example

The LVSQ is used to show how similar content can be presented quite differently by using different questionnaire styles and other styles. Furthermore an example is given of how scores can be computed by means of JavaScript and how this 'raw' scores can be converted to normscores. Finally the scores are used to present a non trivial example of a textual report.