When creating an assessment site you need all kinds of documents, like a home page, questionnaires, project documents. It is not a good idea to place all these documents into one folder as you will lose the overall picture. It is better to design a folder structure that helps you organize your documents.

Folder Structure

For a new assessment site documents two kinds of documents will be used: those that are unique for this assessment project and documents that will be useful for other assessment projects as well. A point in case for the latter would be questions asking for the name or address of a subject. The same applies to styles. Some styles are special for the new project and others will be used again and again, e.g. 'bold' or 'align right'. In other words, it would be a good idea to separate reusable documents from documents that are applicable only to the current assessment project.

Furthermore, it would be convenient if you can easily find your documents when you have to reference them from another document. These are all matters to consider when organizing the new assessment site. Follow the link for an example of a usable folder structure for an assessment project. This example could be used as a starting point for the folder structure that will suit you best.

'Clean' folder structure

Documents refer to other documents. In other words, documents depend on the existence of other documents in order to be displayed correctly. That is why a document cannot be deleted when there is still one document referring to it. It leads to all kinds of problems if one fails to realize this when creating new documents.

Folder X can only be deleted when there are no documents depending on the documents in X. If a project becomes obsolete, it would be nice when it could be deleted with only one command. Therefore, never use documents located in project A in documents belonging to project B, for then it would impossible to delete project A. If there are such documents, remove them from A and place them in a seperate folder like 'COMMON A B'.

In short: ensure a clean folder structure. Rule of thumb: it must be possible to delete a folder and all its underlying folders with one command.