Where to start?

The central document of an assessment site is a CustomerProjectConfig document, for short the project document. So one might think the first thing to do is to create this document. Though this might seem logical, there is a problem: many of the documents the project document will have to refer to, will not exist yet.

There are two ways to solve this problem. One is to use a link to an arbitrary document when alink is needed and does not exist yet. Later on one changes this link for the definitive link when the needed document is created. The problem with this approach is, that one might forget that a certain reference was only meant as temporarily and an error is introduced. Therefore, the second solution is more safe: Create some dummy documents of the needed types and give these a name that define them as temporarily, e.g. DUMMY, or TEMPORARILY. Fill these dummy documents with content like: 'THIS HAS TO BE REMOVED'. If erroneously the temporarily reference is not changed into a reference to the definitive document, the error will become visible.

Therefore it is a good idea to begin with a 'bottom up' approach when starting a new assessment project . That is, first create the documents you will certainly need, like a home page, questions, questionnaires where these questions will be used, instruction screens, and so on. Plus the herefore mentioned dummy pages in case you forgot one. As the Bellshape Assessment System is about assessment and questionnaires, a good place to start is building a questionnaire.

The next step will be to create the content documents and content components needed to aggregate the questionnaires into an assessment web site and to organize the logical flow between the quuestionnaires. Finally create the CustomerProjectConfig document. Of course this order of creating documents is just an example. When growing in experience, you will find the way that suits you best.