This document contains the costing information for the questionnaires.


Description of the fields

NameName of document
DescriptionSpeaks for itself
CreditLimitWhen the remaining credit sinks below this value no more questionnaire can be administered.
CreditLimitPageA ContentDocument containing the displayed message when the credit limit is reached. This page is displayed when the questionnaire is to be administered and not enough credit is available.
CreditWarningMailA ContentDocument that will be used as a mail to the customer in order to inform him or her the credit limit is reached.
PriceListItemFor every questionnaire that is priced there is a ''PriceListItem''. This has two elements. The first contains a reference to the questionnaire to be priced. The second element, the price, is a number in arbitrayr units. Each time the questionnaire is administered, the remaining credit is decreased with this number. For every test to be priced there must be a PriceListItem