The CustomerProject document is the main document to define the details of an assessment site. Below you will see a collapsed version of a new CustomerProject document.


Description of the fields in this document

NameName of document
DescriptionSpeaks for itself.
ContextPath With this option the site can be personalized for the customer. ContextPath is the extension completing the web address for the customer. E.g., where 'Customername' is the context path.
HomePageThe ContentDocument acting as homepage for the site of the customer manager.
LoginRequired If checked the user is required to log in. One of the fields that determines how to log on to the assessment website. Most of the time this will be the case, though it is possible by not checking this field to create a website that can be visited by anonymous users.
LoginForm A questionnaire to use as the login screen. Default the Bellshape Assessment Manager uses a basic, grey login screen. The login form provides the opportunity to create a dedicated login screen.
IgnoreCookies When IgnoreCookies is checked no cookies will be set or read.
When cookies are set, amongst other information, the user's Id is placed in the cookie. In that case, even when a login is not required, the Bellshape Assessment Manager will 'know' the user has visited the site before.
UsersFromOtherProjectsIf switched on, users attached to another assessment project in the Bellshape manager are allowed to be attached to this project, using the same user name.
Language Either automatic (derived from local system setup) or one of the languages: English, Dutch, French, German, or local. Local is a special label to be used when one wants the use a different language, e.g. Italian or Polish)
ProjectAdministrator The project administrator is the User who manages the Bellshape assessment site. I.e. he or she can add or remove users, produce reports and so on. Depending on settings of different parameters some actions are allowed or disallowed. Each assessment project can have one or more project administrators. More project administrators may be added.
AdminStyle To choose from different modes of displaying the information in the management screen. Actions to be performed can be displayed as buttons, as links, a combinations of both, or one can have a customized visual. Automatic implies the setting of the CustomerProjectManager document is used.
Mediator Determines which style sheet (XSLT sheet) to use when displaying the indicated documents. More mediators can be added so different documents can use different style sheets.
UserDefinitionForm A dedicated questionnaire used for creating new users (persons to be assessed).
UserDataForm Dedicated questionnaire to specify data for (the newly created) user.

Question storing the e-mail address of the user. Can be used as a unique identifier of the user.

UserLoginProperty Question storing the login of the user.
UserPasswordProperty Question storing the password of the user.
AccountGroupA reference to a CustomerAccountGroup document that defines a customer account group.
UserActionsActions allowed to an administrator of an assessment project.

Displays the information referred to by the referenced property.

UserListLabelsLabels for the buttons in the customer project. They have a default value, but these can be changed.