This document is used to define a general applicable project document. Useful, because most of the time customers for the assessment sites will share general properties. E.g. logging on to the system, defining new users, etc. will be standard among customers. This way one has only to define once all the standard elements of the assessment sites.

Partially collapsed example of a CustomerProjectConfig document.


Description of fields

NameName of document
DescriptionSpeaks for itself.
DefaultHomePageThe ContentDocument actiing as homepage for the site of the customer.
DefaultLoginFormQuestionnaire uses for asking login and password from user
DefaultLanguageEither automatic (derived from local system setup) or one of the languages english, dutch, french, german, or local. Local is a special label to be used when one wants the use a different language, e.g. italian or polish)
DefaultAdministratorThe User who is always allowed to log on to the Bellshape Manager.
DefaultAdminStyleTo choose from different modes of displaying the information in the management screen. Actions to be performed can be displayed as buttons, as links, a combinations of both, or a customized version.
DefaultMediatorSee there.
ProjectPartitionTo be expanded
UserDefinitionFormA qestionnaire to be used for creating a new user. This questionnaire must al least contain references to the User Login Property, the UserPasswordProperty and if mail is used to the User Mail Property
UserMailPropertyQuestion (i.e. property) with string response, containing the e-mailaddress of the user.
UserLoginPropertyQuestion (i.e. property) with string response, containing the login of the user.
UserPasswordPropertyQuestion (i.e. property) with string response, containing the password of the user.
User ActionsThe actions the site manager may execute, adding or deleting users.
User List ColumnDefinition of user information in the management screen? .
User List LabelsOwn labels for user actions.