This document is used to define a 'manager' screen for manager customers of assessement projects.

Example of a completely collapsed CustomerProjectManager document.


Description of fields

NameName of document
DescriptionSpeaks for itself.
ContextPathExtension of the site name for 'this' customer project manager . (E.g. in , ClientManager would be the context path.)
HomePageThe ContentDocument acting as homepage for the site of the customer project manager.
LoginRequiredSwitch. If checked the user is required to log in.
LoginFormQuestionnaire used for asking login and password from user.
IgnoreCookiesIf switched on, stored information in cookies will be ignored.
UsersFromOtherProjectsIf switched on, users attached to another assessment site in the Bellshape manager are allowed to be attached to this project, using the same user name.
LanguageEither automatic (derived from local system setup) or one of the languages: English, Dutch, French, German, or local. Local is a special label to be used when one wants the use a different language, e.g. Italian or Polish)
ProjectAdministratorThe User who is allowed to log on to the Bellshape Manager. More project administrators may be added.
DefaultAdminStyleTo choose from different modes of displaying the information in the management screen. Actions to be performed can be displayed as buttons, as links, a combinations of both, or one can have a customized visual.
MediatorDetermines which style sheet (XSLT sheet) to use when displaying the indicated documents. More mediators can be added so different documents can use different style sheets.
ProjectHomeFolderFolder where customer project information is saved.
ProjectDataFormA qestionnaire to be used for creating new assessment project.
ProjectNamePropertyA question that contains the name of the assessment project.
ProjectContextPathPropertyQuestion containing the string with the ContextPath. The ContextPath is an extension of the site name for 'this' customer. (E.g. in , ClientPath would be the context path.)
ProjectMailPropertyQuestion containing the e-mail address of the customer of this assessment project.
ProjectLoginPropertyQuestion containing the login of the customer of this assessment project.
ProjectPasswordPropertyQuestion containing the password of the customer of this assessment project.
ProjectActionsThe actions the site manager may execute, e.g. adding or deleting customers.
ProjectUserListColumnDefinition of user information in the management screen .
ProjectLabelsOwn label for customer actions, the text to be displayed above the customer list. The $ is a placeholder for a picture of the check box.
AccountGroupActionsOnly for accounting, customers can be organized into groups. Credit will be allocated to this accountgroup as a whole. The manager of the credit group allocates part of the credit to the separate customers.
ProjectListColumnOne or more columns with information about the customer. More columns may be added.