DefaultMediator is a field in a CustomerProject document, or a CustomerProjectConfig document. The DefaultMediator field determines which style sheet (xslt sheet) to use when displaying the indicated documents. More mediators can be added, so different documents can use different style sheets. The important thing to note is, that this enables the system to display any document that can serve as a target for a link, according to its own display rules, including screen background.


In the example above the first three fields refer to certain types of documents, in this case CustomerProject, CustomerProjectConfig and CustomerProejctManager documents. When the system meets this kind of documents it 'knows' which XSLT-template to apply in order to display them on the screen.
The document field indicates a specific document to connect to the XSLT-template. In this case three questionnaires have to be displayed according to the rules in de XSLT-template document.

The template to be applied can be found in the last field of DefaultMediator, here: [GATB] Admin Default Template (Template)

When the DefaultMediator field is omitted, the system falls back on the default XSLT-template.