BlockElements are built from InlineContent. InlineContent is created from (a chain of) Inline Content Components. The schema display (see Block Content) shows all the inline content components and their inner structure. See the picture for an overview.


Below, the different inline content components will be discussed.

TextString that will be displayed on the screen.
EnglishTextThis text will only be displayed, when the language setting is English.
FrenchTextThis text will only be displayed, when the language setting is French.
GermanTextThis text will only be displayed, when the language setting is German.
LocalizedTextThis text will only be displayed, when the language setting is any other language that can be displayed in Unicode.
LinkTo place a link as an inline content component.
MediaRefers to media that can be displayed. Media may be pictures, sound, or video. The browser is used to display media, so it is wise to use standard media formats.
BookmarkTo set a location on a page that can be reached by a link.
SpanAn inline content component that in itself can have inline content components. Mostly used to display a separate piece of text with its own style (like 'bold', or 'italic').
InlineComponentInlineContentComponents can be included as part of inline content. Useful, e.g. when including variable text in a paragraph. An example would be 'He' or 'She' depending on the subject of the user. As this will be needed often in text reports, it is clever to create one inline content component that displays the correct form and to reference that component whenever it is needed. Furthermore, inline components are used to break up very long {Paragraph]s in manageable pieces.
ImageRelated to Media, but restricted to pictures. (e.g. used for a symbol)
InlineControlUsed to activate several functions, like language setting.
PropertyDisplays the content of the referenced property.
PropertyOutputLike Property, but has an additional parameter: the number of decimals to display.
ProportyAssignmentTo assign a value to a property, e.g. to assign a default value to a property.
Inline ConditionalUsed to selectively display inline content, dependent on logical conditions.
Add PaginationA special inline component to allow pagenumbers in reports. This field has three options. The first displays the actual pagenumber, the second the total number of pages and the third option is a marker for the last page in order for the system to determine how many pages there are.