In case normscores cannot be computed (e.g. when the score distribution is not normal) one can use the NormTable document.


The format of this document follows a regular normtable format as used in test manuals.

In the picture a normtable is shown with length 4. Every combination of Key ( the raw score boundary) and Value (the accompanying norm score) is an entry in the normtable. The first item conains the lowest Key value, the last item contains the highest. As indicated, the list of items of items is ordered according to the Key values. The value of the normscore need not be a number. One can change Value in TextValue and use a text as normscore instead (e.g. 'sufficient').

The Key specifies the (inclusive) upper boundary of all raw scores that will be transformed into the norm score: Value.

For example, in the above picture:

Be careful to allways use for the Key value of the last Item a number that is equal or larger than the maximum raw score of your test.