This is one of the most frequently used block content elements. It belongs to the same syntactical level as, for instance, a table. Most of the time a paragraph is used to present text to the screen, but other inline content is allowed as well. When presenting data on the screen an empty paragraph (i.e. without style and inline elements) may be used to create room between paragraphs. This will not work when producing PDF-pages. Then room between paragraphs may be created by a style on the paragraph.


As the picture shows, the Paragraph can have a style attached to it. If omitted, the default paragraph style will be used.
The second element of the paragraph is Text. This is the default inline element and can, as the name suggests, be used to display text. Text is one of a family of inline content elements. A paragraph can have a chain of of zero or more inline content elements. All inline content elements can be used interchangeably.