A question is the basic element of the Bellshape assessment platform. So is a questionnaire a collection of questions to be presented to the subject, preceded by a instruction pages.


A question has several parts. The two main components are the question caption and the question control, the component that handles the response. In the caption you find the text of the question and the possible help text. The latter becomes visible when the mouse hovers over the caption. The help text may be useful for presenting extra explanation.
The last part of the question controls whether the respondent is required to respond to the item before continuing to the next page. For most personality questions this switch will be set, for most aptitude questions this switch will not be set.

For the response there are several alternatieves. In the picture you see the ''enumerated response''. In this case each alternative has a text and a value.

Suppose the question is: ''What is your gender?'' Then there are two alternatives. The first might have as text ''female'' and as a value 1. The second alternative would be ''male'' with value 2. When a subject chooses the second alternative for an answer, the value of the question (as a property) would be 2.
Instead of the enumerated response an alternative response type can be chosen. See the picture below.


Below a short description of these response types will be given. For all the response types fitting restrictions can be set, like the range of a valid numeric response, or the minimum and maximum length of a string response.

EnumeratedResponseOne or more alternatives that take a predefined value.
TextualResponseA string as a response (e.g. a username, an address).
NumericResponseA number as a response (e.g. outcome of a calculation). A box can be checked to indicate whether a grouping symbol ('DigitGroupSeparator') for long numbers must be used when displaying the content.
DateResponseDate as a response (e.g. birthdate).
DateTimeResponseDate + time as a response (e.g. for the moment the questionnaire was finished. Mostly assigned by the system).
SecretResponseWhen string input is not displayed as such (e.g. for a password).
ProfileResponseTo choose one out of a set of profiles. See ProfileManager.
PredefinedResponseA predefined responsetype to be used by a number of questions; the responsetype has only to be defined once.