Style components for a questionnaire are collected in a QuestionnaireStyle document, in order to simplify a common look and feel for all questions and instruction screens in a questionnaire. If possible it is desirable to use one questionnaire style for all the questionnaires in your assessment project. By doing so you create a homogeneity of style throughout the assessment site.
In the picture you see all the (collapsed) fields in a QuestionnaireStyle. It shows which aspects of a questionnaire can be controlled from a questionnaire style.


Below the diverse elements of the questionnaire style will be discussed.

The first field is ~~Format~~. This contains in CSS-syntax style descriptions for these elements. For the questionnaire one could find here the width of questionnaire in pixels, the size of the font, and/or a background color.

The second field is ~~Effect~~. For presenting an element on the screen, one can choose an animation effect. It is best to experiment with this option to become familiar with the effects. Most of the time the effect 'none' is chosen. The last field, EffectionDuration, speaks for itself and is given in milliseconds.