Document Reference

In the Bellshape Assessment Manager all documents can be produced with a right mouseclick in the folder area. After creation and saving, the new document will be located in the folder area where the cursor was placed at the moment of the right mouse click. When right clicking, the following pop-up appears (see picture) from which one can choose the desired document.

Documents are used by referencing them from other documents.


The picture shows the document types the Bellshape Assessment Manager can handle.

AccountConfigA document dedicated to accounting operations. Sets prices for questionnaires and warning limits.
AssessmentProjectA document for managing users, specially dedicated to group assessments like 3600-feedback. Will be replaced by other project documents in later versions of the Bellshape Assessment Manager.
ComputedPropertyA derived property that gets its value from other properties. Like a testscore is derived from the responses to the questions.
ConfigThe central configuration document of the manager. One of its functions is to determine who has access to the Bellshape Assessment Manager to edit assessment projects.
ContentDocumentA screen document to present information on the screen and that can be used as a target for links from other screens.
ContentComponentA document to present information on the screen.
CustomerAccountGroupA document that helps managing customers: clients of the user of the Bellshape Assessment Manager
CustomerProjectA document for managing users, the respondents to questionnaires in a Bellshape Assessment Project.
CustomerProjectConfigDocument to define a customer project,
CustomerProjectManagerDocument to define and manage customers.
DeclaredPropertyA property that can be assigned a value.
FilterA filter is a logical construction used to suppress unwanted information. (E.g for only showing records of men, or users above 40.) Mostly implemented as a JavaScript function. More filters can be added.
InlineContentComponentA subcomponent of a paragraph. E.g. used for texts that are repeated several times.
FolderA folder is used to organize documents. A folder can contain all document types, including folders.
JobA component that can execute a certain task on a database at a certain time.
MailConfigurationContains mail settings when using mail functions.
MenuDefines menu options.
NormTableA table providing the link between raw test scores and norm scores. Used in a ComputedProperty.
ParameterPropertyA property to be used as a parameter for certain functions or processes. Seldom used.
ProfileA profile is a record containing all the information available about a user, like his or her responses to questions or information provided by the project manager.
ProfileManagerSpecifies actions a project manager (of an assessment project) is allowed to do.
QuestionA question is the basic element of a questionnaire. It is presented to the user who provides a response.
QuestionResponseIn case all or most questions in a questionnaire use the same type of response, a standard QuestionResponse may be defined.
QuestionnaireA document containing all the information for an orderly presentations of questions on the screen.
QuestionnairePagesQuestions are collected on screen pages. A series of those screen pages can be collected in a special document: QuestionnairePages. They will be referenced by a PageSequence field in a questionnaire.
QuestionnaireMessagesStandard messages shown when the user makes an invalid response (like a too long or too short text response, age out of range, etc.).
QuestionnaireStyleStyle components for a questionnaire are collected in a QuestionnaireStyle, in order to simplify a common look and feel for all questions and (instruction) screens in a questionnaire.
QuestionnaireProjectA questionnaire project is a document collecting all documents that together make up the assessment website for the (end)user (the 'testee') as well as for the project manager of the assesments. Especially for custom projects.
ReportA report is a PDF-document created from the content of the pages in the report using the information in a Profile.
ReportStyleThe report style is used to simplify a common lay-out for all pages in a report.
StyleContains Cascaded Style Sheets (CSS) code to be applied on content elements like paragraphs, tables, texts, etc.
StyleSheetA collection of styles used for visualizing a website
TemplateAn XSLT document containing information about how the XML-source the Bellshape system produces, must be converted to html (or PDF). The template defines the look and feel of the site. More templates can be present.
TemplateMediatorSpecifies which template must be used to display indicated documents. See also DefaultMedatior
UserThis document contains login code and password and in certain cases the e-mail address